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XShuai T370 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Alexa Voice Control Wi-Fi Connected Self-Charging Gyroscope Navigation 1500Pa Powerful Suction HEPA Filter Pet Hair & Allergies Friendly - BLACK UK PLUG

  • $139.00
  • Brand: Haier
  • Product Code:KENTQX-00179
  • Availability:In Stock

XShuai T370 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Siri and Alexa Voice Remote Control Wi-Fi Connected Self-Charging Gyroscope Navigation 1500Pa Powerful Suction HEPA Filter Pet Hair & Allergies FriendlyNotes:1. The product is for indoor u..

XShuai T370 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Siri and Alexa Voice Remote Control Wi-Fi Connected Self-Charging Gyroscope Navigation 1500Pa Powerful Suction HEPA Filter Pet Hair & Allergies Friendly

1. The product is for indoor use only.
2. APP is just apply to Android 4.0 or above, IOS 8.0 or above.
APP Name:yomey
3. If the machine is not in use for a long time, please turn off its power switch.
4. Please clean up the dustbin and the suction channel after cleaning every time.
5. Do not make the product clean cigarette butts or matches that are not extinguished.
6. After the battery is replaced,the new one shall be charged above 6h for the first time.
7. Do not use the product to clean sharp objects like glass or nails to avoid damage to the product.
8. This product shall be stored in the ambient temperature range from 0℃ to 40℃.


Support Siri
XShuai is the only one that supports Siri control. Your instructions can be delivered through Siri, let T370 start or end cleaning, and even make it charge, convenient and interesting. 

Alexa Voice Control Supported
Enjoy the comfort of speaking your wishes of a clean home! Simply connect the App with Alexa (Amazon Voice Service) and you’re good to go. T370 will follow your instructions and keeps your floors looking spick and span with minimal effort. (Future software updates will bring more voice commands.)

2 Approaches: Sweeping and Mopping
Equipped with a 260ml crescent-style water tank, 1500Pa powerful suction mechanism and sweeper brushes, T370 is able to sweep (dry) and mop (wet) individually or simultaneously, depending on your needs.

3 Cleaning Modes: Z-Shape, Spot and Edge
Z-Shape: T370 automatically navigates in a methodical pattern, making sure it covers every area of your unique home. Spot mode focuses on removing stubborn stains with repetitive cleaning. Edge Mode gently cleans wall edges and into corners. Plus, you can also manually control T370 or let it perform a random cleaning.

Main Features:
1. Sweeping, Suction, Mopping, three usages in one machine.

2. Multiple remote control
You can easily control the direction, choose the cleaning mode or set a cleaning schedule with Siri control,Alexa Voice Control, iOS/Android App, included remote controller.

3. Suitable for wooden floor, ceramic tile, marble, painted hardened floor.

4. 300ml big dust box with HEPA filter
300 large capacity of the dust box can accommodate more garbage, easy to clean up more areas. Installed HEPA can protect you from pet hair allergy.

5. Multiple cleaning modes
Z-shaped cleaning (gyroscope navigation system ensures it covers every corner of your home), spot cleaning, edge cleaning; capable of manual/ random cleaning; 1500Pa powerful suction; supports both sweeping and mopping.

6. Brushless NIDEKE motor
1500pa sunction can be easy to clean dust, hair, small shreds, etc.

7. High-precision gyroscope sensor
Automatic detection and scan, precisely control the direction. Walking and calculating at the same time to adapt the changing rooms.

8. Obstacle climbing
The large wheels are specially designed to work on the rough floor. It can also steadily climb 15-degree slope.

9. Cleaning reservation
Simply make an appointment and go to work, the robot will start to work at the specific time.

10. Automatic recharging
Automatically returns to the charging dock and recharges itself when running low on power; works up to 120min (90min for cleaning, 30min for returning to charging dock), covers 100-200 square meters, 4-5h charging time.

11. Remote control
You can control the direction, choose the cleaning mode and make an appointment by the remote controller.

12. Powerful long lasting battery
Built-in 14.8V 2600mAh Li-ion battery, the charging time is 4 - 5h, the usage time is up to 120min.

13. Anti-collision System
With the soft bumper in the front-end of the robot,it can better protect the furniture.

14. Less than 60dp noise
When the machine is working, it will not disturb your rest and affect your daily life.

15. Anti-drop design
The embedded anti-drop sensor can detect the location and change the direction in order to avoid falling.

It cleans under the bed, around the clutter, along the wall side, leaves no dirty spot; installed HEPA protects you from pet hair allergies.





Mechanical Specifications






3.5 kg

Electrical Specifications



Battery specification


Li-ion battery

Cleaning Specifications

Dust bin capacity


Charging type

Auto Charging/Manual Charging

Cleaning mode

Automatic, Spot, Edge

Charging time

4 - 5h 

Cleaning time



1500 pa

Climb Capability

15 degree 

Host Button Type

LED tough button



Package Included

Main Body


Charging Home Base


Remote Control




Cleaning Tool


User Manual


Extra Side Brush


Water Tank


Mopping Pad(Installed)


Dust Bin(Installed)


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